Predictive Analytics for Transportation

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predictive analytics dashboard

We’ll help you use big data to identify trends and use predictive alerts and analytics to take action before there’s a problem.  

Predict and prevent transportation issues 

Most companies lack real-time information to help them manage transportation and logistics. Too many unknowns leads to problems. Where is your product? What condition is it in? Will it make it to its destination on time and in full? Can you do something about it? Want to know if your broker was shipping your load via intermodal and charging you for truckload service? We can help you have real-time answers to all of this and more. We use Gray reusable tracking/reporting devices that are configured to the needs of your organization.

Exception management and logistics services powered by analytical math, physics, and engineering  

The amount of data available to logisticians and supply chain professionals is overwhelming. You deserve to have a clear view so you can make the most of your data. That’s why we’re bringing our vast expertise in managing complex algorithms and big data to the supply chain. Whether you need POS data, weather, or GPS updates, we can help you turn it into meaningful actions.   

Ready for big company solutions and synergies without the big company logistics spend?  

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