Thermalytics is a transportation planning tool that minimizes risks for shippers of temperature-controlled cargo before the shipment resulting in fewer “unsaleable”.

Developed with years of collaboration with large Consumer Product Goods (CPG) companies, Thermalytics harnesses the power of physics-based equations to optimize container/trailer selection. By performing tens of thousands of future routes and thermal calculations during the load planning process, the tool can optimize OTIF (On Time in Full) deliveries and minimize damage to goods.

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Transportation Predictive Analytics

Current reactive technologies that provide information about the temperature and humidity of shipments are rarely used to offer interventions during the trip. Temperature trackers offer just one data point in the shipment, and temperature tags are read-only after the trip is complete. The advantage of the proactive capabilities of the Thermalytics tool is:

PREDICTIVE. The only physics based deterministic product temperature prediction and forecasting risk tool on the market.

FAST. Provides thermal predictions on multiple assets in seconds.

EASY. Developed for Logistics & Supply Chain professionals.

CLEAR. Actionable output, including temperature profiles for specific transport lanes and dates.



The temperature-controlled transportation industry ecosystem needs solutions to proactively address persistent supply chain constraints.

Thermalytics Physics Based

Thermalytics runs on a powerful physics-informed cloud-based computation engine

that uses both transport equipment and detailed product information, combined with weather data and predicted traffic pattern calculations. In just seconds, the tool delivers actionable, risk-based analytics recommendations including:

  • Transportation selection
  • Best departure time
  • Route planning with temperature risk areas
  • Product temperature profile


Giving control back to shippers

Predictive Insights At Your Fingertips

The Thermalytics tool has been validated across a variety of CPG categories where temperature sensitive products need to be shipped including:

  • Bakery, Confectionery, and Snacks
  • Chocolate-based Foods
  • Sauces and Condiments
  • Vitamins and OTC Medications
  • Adhesives
  • Paints and Stains
  • Cleaners and Detergents
  • Growers
  • Food Material Handling



Talk to ALOE and learn how Thermalytics can provide shippers with valuable proactive information to ensure the integrity of every shipment.