Over-the-road, ship, air, and rail carriers routinely provide basic information about the ETA and integrity of cargo. However, the PACKSURE system goes beyond the basics to provide invaluable real-time data that can significantly reduce the loss of revenue.


Supply Chain Visibility for Shippers

PACKSURE software and sensors provide shippers with complete transparency. No integrations with other systems are required to provide a complete record of product health from origin to destination. The logistics data is private and shared only at the shipper’s discretion. 


How do I find my lost container in port

Real-Time Logistics in Clear View

Don’t overlook the need for real-time updates about the health of perishable items, the security of valuable cargo, and the ability to quickly locate lost shipments.

Shifting power back to shipper

Shifting Power Back to the Shippers

PACKSURE provides: 

  • Dynamic ETAs that allow businesses to optimize logistics 
  • Security from loss and damage
  • A complete record from origin to destination
  • Private information about the integrity of the shipment
  • Tracking without the need for additional system integration


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