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PalletDAQ®: An instrumented pallet for unit load stability and transit analytics

Evaluate, solve, and verify solutions to costly problems in your supply chain. 

Identify the problems so you can design packaging systems for stability and cost savings 

PalletDAQ® is an instrumented pallet that can be used in-plant or over-the-road in the trailer to evaluate stacking and transport stability of pallet configurations. This self-contained data acquisition system documents the performance of unit loads, cases, and individual packages during handling and transport.

PalletDAQ® services can be configured to measure the data you need, including load, pressure, acceleration, temperature, humidity, inclination, and displacement. 

How PalletDAQ works 

In Figure 1, you can see the first three days of data from a week-long transit test where load cells were incorporated into a beverage pallet. The periods when the shipment was moving are readily apparent as bursts of activity in the data.

Figure 1. Three days of data from a transit test

By including a triaxial accelerometer in the sensor package, vibration power spectral density data for the entire trip can be extracted, as shown in Figure 2. 

Figure 2. Extracted data for vibration power spectral density





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