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PalletPres™: Compression testing for load stiffness

Improve warehouse efficiency while maintaining product integrity.  

Discover the best configurations for stacking pallets, so you can save space and costs in the warehouse.

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Knowing how many unit loads can be stored in each cubic feet of warehouse space can greatly improve efficiency. Stacking pallets, when done safely and without damage to the product, can reduce costs. The key is knowing how many pallets you can safely stack. That’s why SES developed PalletPres™. This custom compressive test system measures the ‘limit load’ of 2-4 assembled pallet structures. The PalletPres™ accommodates the natural rotation of the unit load as it deforms, which we use to establish the limit load. This is the first step in a series of measurements and calculations we use to assess the efficacy of the stack.    

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