Identify savings. Improve sustainability.

Advanced Logistics Optimization Engineering (ALOE) Group combines a logistics professional view with predictive analytics and engineering technology to create new ways of optimizing packaging, transportation, and analytics. 

As a result, customers are rethinking logistics – and saving millions.

Engineering + logistics transforms operations

As engineers and logistics experts, ALOE Group digs into data and science to invent solutions that help you cut costs from transportation, packaging, and distribution. 

ALOE Group, as part of Stress Engineering Services, has decades of experience in managing big data, performing stress and product testing, and providing predictive analytics.  

A Sustainable Impact

Smart packaging and a fully optimized transportation network reduce your environmental impact and help you reach company sustainability goals. With our help, clients have saved millions of dollars and left a smaller mark on our planet. In a few short months, our clients achieved:

26k Trucks

taken off the road

3.5m Gallons

of diesel fuel saved

34k Metric Tons

of CO2 reduced

loading a truck

Puzzled by costly transportation hiccups? Wondering why packaging shifts in transit? Frustrated by expenses?

We’ll help you uncover answers. ALOE Group uses special technology to visualize problems and solve them fast. On average, our customers begin to see savings within three months. 

  • Shed unwanted costs   
  • Prevent rejections due to shifting packaging
  • Place more cases on every truck 
  • Ship products on time and avoid mistakes

Most companies spend 7 to 12% of annual sales on transportation costs. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our goal is for you to save a significant percentage by monitoring and reengineering. One of our customers saved $1 million by eliminating dunnage and unnecessary stops. How will you save?

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