Primary/Case Level Savings

Optimizing for the length, width, or height of a primary package and master case dimensions can have a significant impact on the unit load density, allowing for more product to each pallet – saving space and reducing costs.

Optimizing length and width dimensions

The area dimensions of a case directly impact the case layer patterns in a unit load.  By reviewing these dimension and by looking inside the case for opportunities there are often options to resize or reconfigure to provide a more optimal case configuration.  In some scenarios this can lead to entire new rows of cases in a unit load design.  ALOE utilizes its PalletMAX® software to evaluate your entire portfolio for these opportunities providing you with options to maximize savings.

Understanding the Implications of Case Height

Case heights are load bearing dimensions that require a view from both the logistical and package engineering domains to arrive at optimal configurations.  The case style along with an pre-designed case headspace are reviewed.  In addition, the significance of any load sharing provided by the primary packages is also understood.  The result of this careful analysis is a case height that is optimized to protect the product and allow for possibilities of adding layers to further increase the pallet density.

ALOE Group can evaluate and recommend new configurations

To determine the opportunities to optimize case configuration—taking into account the entire supply chain—ALOE will evaluate your configuration, including characteristics like headspace and product layout. We’ll remove inefficiencies and refine the case design to deliver an optimized configuration.

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