Transportation RFP Development

Are you wondering if you are getting the best rates from your current carrier fleet? Want to know if you could do better? ALOE Group can assist in developing an RFP to bid your transportation competitively and determine if your current carrier fleet is competitive.

ALOE Group develops an RFP bid package and executes the bid on your behalf.

We manage this time-consuming process to allow your costs to remain current with market trends. In developing the bid package, we consider these specific areas.

Meeting Short- and Long-Term Goals. Rather than simply looking at a client’s historical volume and reaching out to a large number of carriers for pricing, ALOE works closely with shippers to align on an overall bid strategy that will help support the current and future network. This approach allows shippers to secure capacity that aligns with their volume and shipping needs. 

Building and Meeting Requirements. ALOE works closely with our clients to understand service requirements, the distribution network, and business needs as a part of the process to identify new carriers, mode solutions, or carrier strategies that go beyond a simple bidding event.

Exploring Solution Possibilities. We will explore and present a multitude of potential solutions based on customer requirements, carrier capacities, or any other parameters. This process allows ALOE to view and understand impacts imposed by each variable or decision to ensure the balance of service and cost is always being measured. 

Leveraging Experience. ALOE knowledge and expertise are part of all aspects of the RFP, leading to a smooth transition from the bidding event to the client implementing the solution. 

Flexibility. RFPs can include any size or scope, with all modes of transportation and an unlimited capacity in terms of lanes, carriers, or solutions.

Are your transportation rates in line with your competitors? Your industry?  

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